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Since 1983 the Walker Chiropractic Clinic has provided health care to people of all ages and abilities. Now , two Registered Massage Therapists  join Dr. Walker in our integrative health care clinic. Our vision is to provide the best care for the people of B.C. , both preventive maintenance care and injury management.

We are located at Suite 401 - 3939 Quadra St., Victoria, B.C. V8X 1J5

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Dr. Wayne Walker, Hons.B.Sc.,Hons.D.C.,FRCCSS(C)

Dr. Wayne Walker is internationally renowned forhis expertise in both Chiropractic and Sports injuries management. He graduated top of his class from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree, specializing in studies of the nervous system. From there he attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, graduating in 1983 with Honours in Clinical Science and an Athletic Achievement award. In 1995 he completed a three year Fellowship degree in Chiropractic Sports Medicine through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences of Canada.

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International Sports Doctor

Dr. Walker has served in many important positions in sports medicine. He is the B.C. representative to the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences of Canada ( founding VP in 1984), and Chairman of the Council of Chiropractic Sports Sciences of B.C.. He has been on the sports medicine staff of over 220 events including:

Chief of Chiropractic Athletes' Services Whistler Olympic Games

Chief Chiropractor 1994 Commonwealth Games Victoria

Canadian Team Chiropractor Rio de Janeiro Pan American Games

Athletes' medical staff Calgary Winter Olympic Games

Medical Director of the UCI BMX World Championships

Medical staff of :the Victoria TC 10 Km run, Victoria Marathon, World Cup of Track  cycling, World Curling Championships, Ironman Canada, Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Grizzlies training camps, Sri Chinmoy Triathlon, and the Velodrome track cycling races ( sponsor of the Dr. Walker Cycling team)

Dr. Donna Ogden is a Naturopathic doctor who received her degree after four years of study, and a year of clinical practice, at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. She is certified by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia to practice both Naturopathy and Acupuncture. She received her Master of Science degree from the University of British Columbia and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Victoria, in biology and ecology, where she is also a post-secondary education instructor. She has studied yoga for many years and is an IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Dr. Donna is also a parent , nature-lover, and community minded spirit who is happy and comfortable serving patients of all genders, ages and backgrounds. Dr. Donna will begin practicing with us on April 23, 2019. You can make an appointment with her via her website, www.donnaogdennaturopathicdoctor.ca, or  use the online booking link below.

Donna Kolabinski, RMT graduated with Honours from CCMH in 1995 and has been practicing in Victoria since then. Her own journey through difficult challenges led her to discover yoga, meditation, and a deep connection to the Earth as paths to healing and rebalancing. In working with clients, Donna brings a uniquely holistic approach to her work, working in a wide variety of modalities and on different levels depending on each person's specific needs. Whether working with injuries, sports excellence or deeper work, Donna supports each client's journey to health. Donna is a life long learner, and a lover of nature and outdoor sports. She is an avid hiker and has recently discovered a new passion for caving. Donna deeply values her connection with family and believes children are our teachers and hold the key to our future. Donna's little dog, Nate, is present in her room while she treats her patients. He is very friendly and hypoallergenic, and brings a smile to all of us in the office. #woof

Chad Gottfried, B.Sc.,RMT      Growing up as an Air Force brat, living coast to coast in Canada, Chad finally decided to settle in Victoria in 1990 where he received a biology degree from the University of Victoria.He has since fulfilled his life long dream of cycling across Canada and expanded his worldview by travelling beyond our borders including India, where he was fortunate to personally meet the Dalai Lama. So, like many things in his life, Chad approaches massage therapy from many different perspectives. He first discovered massage therapy to be an essential part of success as an athlete including being a former national level competitive road and track cyclist, in particular he found it key to his rapid recovery after being hit by a car while cycling. As a certified yoga instructor and long-time meditation practitioner, Chad also believes massage therapy to be an integral component of well-being from a mind-body perspective. Being a kinesthetic learner and keen problem solver with a deep desire to help others culminated in to the journey of becoming a "new-old" graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria in 2017. Combining his own experience in massage therapy as an athlete with the latest manual skills techniques, Chad is excited in working with his patients towards achieving their goals.

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